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Let's Talk About Your Feet

Let’s hear it for our “gnarly” friends. I am speaking of course about our feet.

We often hear about our aching backs or other part of our bodies, but publicly talking about your feet is often not fashionable.

It has been said that “when you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” I don’t know when that was written, but it goes along with Socrates when he said, “When our feet hurt we hurt all over.” It’s hard to smile when every step you take causes pain.

Now, feet may not be your thing. In fact, you may think that feet are ugly and stinky, and it’s no wonder with as many as 250,000 sweat glands releasing as much as a cup of swe...


Feet are the most used and less cared part of the body. It’s very sad that the feet are usually neglected by our daily beauty regime. They carry the all of your body weight and keep going most of the time of the day.

Each foot contains 33 joints, 100 tendons, muscles, 5 nails, a large part of the skin, and ligaments; and a countless nerves and blood vessels that link all the way to the heart, spine, and brain and they can work in rigorous ways all the time.

Read below on what signals to look for to care for your feet properly.

1. Foot cramps

When your body is dehydrated then you tend to have more cramps. Lack of water in the body can lead to slight shrinking of muscles due to which the mus...

We eliminate foot pain!

Foot Pain affects the whole body

We make feet feel better so your whole body feels good too.

At Wolf Podiatry, we care about the whole person, not just your feet. That being said, feet get taken for granted. We make sure they don’t by making you more aware of just important your feet are for your overall health. Feet are important because they support the entire body. When you have foot pain it affects your whole body.

Your feet may be the first symptom of other health issues. That’s why we take a whole-person approach when we meet with you. A diabetic is going to have different concerns and issues than an athlete or child. Each may have foot pain, but for different reasons. That&rs...

Compression Socks Prevent Clots in Athletes Who Travel

Research has established that strenuous exercise, such as marathon running, activates clot formation by increasing markers of coagulation. In response, clot breakdown activates in coordination with the coagulatory system following exercise. This phenomenon where in healthy athletes, post exercise clot breakdown is approximately equal to clot formation, is termed homeostatic activation.

While exercise induced homeostatic activation is not harmful for most individuals, marathon running and other strenuous exercise may disproportionately activate the coagulatory system, increasing the risk for venous thrombosis (VTE) and contributing to reports of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolis...

Treating Dystrophic Hallux Nails in a Six-Year-Old Boy

A 6-year-old male who likes to play sports presents with painful great toenails that have been present in the current condition since birth. They are painful in various shoes. His mother has taken him to other physicians who stated that the condition is not caused by nail fungus but they have offered no other solution. The patient has no pertinent past medical or birth history, no medications and no history of this on any other digit.
Upon examination, his bilateral hallux toenails are discolored, thickened, rough in appearance and deviated laterally. No lesions are present on the other toenails or fingernails.

Key Questions To Consider
What are the main characteristics of this condition?

What i...

Why are pedicures not good for health?

It feels so good when you have been walking for long and you decide to go for a manicure and then you put your feet in that warm water. You just close your eyes and let the hot water and the beautician do the magic with your feet. It is so good to escape out of the hectic schedule and treating your feet with all kinds of soaks, oil as well as massages. The massage does not end here but you can even go for a full body massage with all the essential oils.

Pedicures are even recommended by the doctors as the same is used for the treatment of their health. Not only hot water pedicure but there are many different types of pedicure such as fish pedicure. Pedicures have many advantages like you get ...

A Review Of Soccer Shoes For Adolescent Athletes

With the explosion in participation in youth soccer in recent decades, becoming more familiar with soccer shoes will help podiatric physicians advise patients on preventing lower extremity injuries. This author provides a guide to soccer shoe anatomy, field conditions and fitting shoes.

Soccer is the fastest growing youth sport in America. According to the United States Youth Soccer Association, annual registration of youth soccer players is on the rise.1 The latest 2014 data showed an almost 90 percent increase in the number of players since 1990.
According to the U.S. Youth Soccer Association statistics, the gender breakdown for membership is 52 percent boys and 48 percent girls.2 The median...

How Should Men Keep their Feet Healthy?

Men usually don’t care about their personal hygiene as women do. They are against the idea of keeping themselves clean. They even stand under the shower and just put shampoo on their head and let the shampoo clean the rest of the body. We are not making these things up but this is true according to the survey conducted. Men care most about their face and less about their feet.

Men also should find a way to keep every part of their body healthy and clean and it should be on top of the list. As the age advances it will be a problem for men to take care of their body. The key to staying healthy and clean is by focusing on the preventative and preventative maintenance. For men, feet are the...





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