San Diego Foot Doctor to the Rescue!

Dr. Clifford Wolf has been healing bodies from the feet up for over 30 years in San Diego county. He is a doctor who serves with his head and heart.

Dr. Wolf believes in practicing medicine the old fashioned way, by connecting with his patients as people, to find out where it hurts and how he can make it better.

When your feet hurt it affects your whole body and wears you down. Don’t suffer in silence and tolerate nagging foot pain or foot injuries. Let the foot doctor with a heart stop the pain and get you back on your feet again.

Specializing in Serving Diabetics, Athletes, Children and the Elderly


Diabetics at Risk Diabetes

The San Diego Foot Doctor helps heal all feet large and small, but has a particular passion and expertise for serving diabetics who are having circulation problems that are affecting their feet, as well as a whole host of other very serious conditions specific to diabetics. Don’t let your diabetes cause you to compromise your foot health. Dr. Wolf can help you heal your feet, so you don’t risk losing them.


Athletes’ Feet Take A Beating

Athletes put their feet to the test and sometimes their feet take a beating as a result. Dr. Wolf has worked with professional sports teams to help alleviate pain associated with sports related injuries. He also helps reduce the risk of injuries with preventative measures and by creating custom devices as needed. If you are an athlete with foot pain, don’t suffer, come see the San Diego foot doctor who knows how to help athletes get back on their feet again.


When Kids’ Feet Hurt . . . baby feet

Sometimes children suffer from foot pain and they or their parents don’t know why. Perhaps it is as simple as flat feet. Dr. Wolf has a special place in his heart and practice for kids. He is able to help kids and their parents understand why they are having the pain and problems they are through a thorough examination. He provides solutions that relieve pain and get kids out there playing again.


The Elderly Need A Foot Doctor Who Cares

Senior citizens need a foot doctor in San Diego who understands their unique health challenges. Dr. Wolf makes sure that elderly patients’ feet are pain and disease-free, so they can enjoy their retirement years in good health.

Dr. Wolf loves helping people heal their bodies from the toes on up, so they can live happy, healthy, active lives. If you or someone you know is suffering from foot pain, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Wolf, the San Diego Foot Doctor who cares.


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