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Looking for a Podiatrist in San Diego who cares?

Welcome to Wolf Podiatry, where we make your feet happy and healthy so you feel good all over. Feet are probably the most abused and underappreciated part of the human body. The problem with that is when your feet hurt it affects your entire body.


Treating You from the Toes Up pink sheet feet

Dr. Wolf is a podiatrist in San Diego who connects with and treats the whole person from the toes up. He starts by educating and empowering his patients about how important their feet are to their overall health and energy. When your feet hurt it takes a lot of energy out of you and it limits your functionality in everyday life. Dr. Wolf helps you get back on your feet again, so you can live a full, active life free of pain.

Healing Foot Pain Helps Your Whole Body

Podiatrists specialize in treating the feet, but those feet are attached to a whole body and human being, Dr. Wolf is a special kind of podiatrist in San Diego who focuses on the whole person and how their foot pain or problems are affecting their health and quality life. He is a master at finding solutions that fix your feet so they feel better. When your feet feel better, your whole body does too.

Dr. Clifford Wolf is the Podiatrist in San Diego who Connects with Patients as People.


Technology has helped medicine in so many wonderful ways, but often at the cost of the human connection between doctor and patient. Dr. Wolf is the foot doctor who not only cares about your feet but about you as a person as well. You aren’t just a patient with a number on your chart at Wolf Podiatry. You are a whole person with feet that this podiatrist in San Diego treats so you can back on your feet again without any pain.

Specializing in Diabetics, Athletes, Children and the Elderly

Dr. Wolf specializes on helping diabetics, athletes, children and the elderly fix their feet, so they can live active lives on happy, healthy feet that don’t hurt. He is the foot doctor who cares about his patients from head to toe. If you have foot problems or pain, don’t suffer in silence. Come by to let Dr. Wolf end your suffering by eliminating your foot pain once and for all.


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